The mission of the Darien Foundation is to provide funding for technology and capital projects that benefit the Darien community. Since our founding in 1998, the Darien Foundation has awarded more than $3.5 million in  grants to the Darien Public Schools and town organizations.


In 2016, the Darien Foundation awarded the following grants:

  • Darien High School Technology Education Department: Hydrogen Fuel Cell
  • Darien Police Department: Technology for new SAFE Police Boat
  • Darien Little League: Scoreboards, PA System and Lightening Detection Systems
  • The Depot: iPads and NeonCRM software program


The Darien Foundation is a tremendous asset to Darien residents. By providing a centralized location for your donations, we achieve the power of a collective purse and are able to award grants to the organizations that enrich our community and our lives. Your support is crucial – please give generously so that together, we can continue to Build a Better Darien!


Sincerely yours,
Ward Glassmeyer