Below are some of the nearly 100 grants we have awarded, totaling $4.2 million.


We fund innovative technology for the Darien Police, EMS Post 53, and Darien’s Fire Departments.

 Darien Fire Departments

Mobile Data Terminals $32,000 

SeaLegs Amphibious Rescue Vehicle $133,000

EMS Post 53

Ambulance Laptops and Computers $20,000

Mapping Software and Hardware $35,000

Special Operations Vehicle $25,000

Darien Police Department

Technology for Police Boat $78,000 

Accident Investigation Device $20,000 

PRISM Training System $50,000 

Portable Speed Monitors $22,500



Our grants have closed funding gaps for important projects at local community organizations.

At Home in Darien

Chrysler Sedan for Senior Rides $39,000
Vehicle Tracking System $9,000


Darien Arts Center

Professional Studio A/V system $90,000


DCA Bird Sanctuary

*Pondless Waterfall and Expansion $18,500
Development, Fencing, and Expansion $33,200


Darien Historical Society

*Generator, Bicentennial Whaler Boat $32,000
Audio Visual System $20,000
Digital Catalogue of Collection $9,200


Darien Library

New facility and needed technology $500,000

Industrial Generator $60,000


Darien Senior Center

Computer Workstations and Classes $15,000

Darien TV79

*New cameras, TV, and Remote-Control
Equipment $25,000
Computer and flat-screen tv $6,000


Person to Person

*New Delivery Cargo Van $38,000
Capital Campaign $25,000


The Mather Homestead Foundation

Capital Improvements to Property $100,000


Town of Darien

Town Website $18,000

Flagpole and Yardarm at Weed Beach $3,000


YMCA Darien

Facility upgrade and renovation $185,000


YWCA Darien/Norwalk

Technology Training Lab $18,000

*Grants awarded in the last year


We fund projects that promote and enhance opportunities for all of Darien’s youth.

A Better Chance Darien

New Larger House $100,000
Computers, Technology $28,000


Andrew Shaw Memorial Trust/ Boy Scouts

New Facility and Campground Expansion $200,000


DAF Media Joint Venture

*Startup costs, Equipment, Training Students $65,000


Darien Athletic Foundation

Multiple-year leadership gift $500,000


Darien Depot

Furniture, Fire Safety System, iPads, Software $31,000
Study caboose and computers $10,000


Darien Elementary Schools

Edible Gardens $13,000
Wireless Notebooks Linked to SmartBoards $10,000


Darien High School

Pasco Physics Lab $78,000
Leica Microscopy Lab $83,000
Booster Club Fitness Center $30,000


Darien Junior Football League

Portable Practice Lights $10,000


Darien Lights Brigade

LED Stadium Lights at DHS $25,000


Darien Little League

Scoreboards, Lightening Detection Systems,
PA System $37,500


Darien Nature Center

*Pond Ecosystem Indoor Aqua Habitat $50,000
Interactive Website $10,000


Darien Public Schools

SmartMusic Workstations $63,000


Middlesex Middle School

Mobile Laptop Lab and iMac Lab $78,000

Music, Art, and Design Lab $142,000

Quiz Bowl Team Buzzers $1,385


STEM Venture Unit #353

Lab Equipment, Laptops, Telescopes, and Robotics $30,000


Town of Darien

Playground by the Sound, Weed Beach $57,500