2018-2019 Grants


Since our fiscal year began on July 1, The Darien Foundation has already awarded three grants.


Darien Community Association Bird Sanctuary – $18,500

The DCA is making improvements in its four-acre bird sanctuary on Middlesex Road, with help from our $18,500 grant. These include a pondless waterfall for the birds and butterflies, as well as additional trees, benches and equipment. This second round of grant funding will improve the sanctuary’s ability to attract birds via the availability of cascading water and the new trees will provide additional cover and food. The DCA Bird Sanctuary is child-friendly (totally fenced-in) and features well-laid winding trails. The DCA has hosted over 200 school-aged children on sanctuary tours, in addition to numerous adult groups. It is a beautiful town asset, open daily from sunrise to sundown. The DCA Bird Sanctuary was founded with the help of a $33,000 grant from The Darien Foundation in 2013.


The Darien Nature Center – $50,000

Launched in the fall of 2017, DAF Media is a joint venture between The Darien Foundation and the Darien Athletic Foundation that offers live broadcasts of local arts, athletics, and community events. High school students, overseen by adult volunteers and veteran TV broadcaster Damian Andrew, work the cutting-edge cameras, computers, software, microphones, mixers, and lights. They also gain very translatable skills such as the logistical prep and teamwork that go into producing high-quality live stream. DAF Media broadcasts are all made available on-demand via their You Tube channel.


Person 2 Person – $38,000

Celebrating its 50th year, Person-to-Person (P2P) is a community-supported agency based in Darien that provides emergency assistance for basic needs and support for less-fortunate individuals and families as they move towards stability. At the heart of P2P are the thousands of Darien residents who have given their time, talent, food, clothing, and endless enthusiasm. P2P High School Youth Group (HSYG) began in 2001. HSYG volunteer opportunities are offered at both P2P Darien and P2P Norwalk. A grant of $38,000 will allow P2P to purchase a new cargo delivery van to collect donations from local restaurants and stores. The van is also used to pick up donations from companies and local faith organizations who run food and clothing drives for the agency.