Forward is more than a direction

We are moving Darien Forward.
Let’s get there together.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,



As a community, we’ve accomplished many great things. 

Let’s celebrate what we’ve done, but also focus on what’s to come. Forward, our theme for 2022, is a call to harness the momentum we’ve gained over 24 years and channel it into the work we will do this year and beyond. We want you to help us look forward, with a fun activity included at the end of this letter. We can’t wait to see what you see as our greatest community assets.



Ward, Sarah, & The Darien Foundation Board 

Help move our message forward

Let’s get social, Darien

Step. 1

Remove the last page 

from the Annual Appeal by 

tearing the perforated crease. 

Step. 2

Remove the upper and lower 

corners by tearing the 

perforated lines — creating 

your forward arrow 

game piece. 

Step. 3

Take the game piece 

to your favorite Darien 

community asset, snap a photo 

through the center circle, 

and post to social media 

with the hashtags



#DarienForward #DarienFoundation
All social posts using these hashtags will be entered into a prize drawing for one of five $100 Darien Chamber Town Wide Gift Certificates.

Grant Highlights

Driving Independence

Connecting our seniors and neighbors
with disabilities by acquiring a hybrid,
fully accessible van for At Home in Darien.

$82,000 Grant

Keeping the Gears Turning

Providing STEM education opportunities 

with an innovative K-12 robotics 

program at all Darien Public Schools. 

$213,000 Grant 

(over two years)

Expanding the Arts

Creating more opportunities for participation 

in the arts by funding a professional lighting 

system at the Darien Arts Center.

$100,000 Grant

Moving History Forward

Celebrating our history with the 

Darien Heritage Trail recognizing 9

sites with colorful interpretive markers.

$40,000 Grant

Our Mission

The Darien Foundation provides grants for technology and capital initiatives

which create opportunity for our youth, support our town’s safety and security services, 

and enhance the overall quality of life in Darien.