2015 Grants



DHS Technology Education Department – $7,000

The DHS Fuel Cell Team participates each spring in the Shell Eco-Marathon alongside other high schools as well as several engineering universities.  The Team spends the year designing and building a lightweight, single seat, 3 wheel electric vehicle to compete for the most fuel efficient car at the competition.  A new hydrogen fuel cell will help these future engineers achieve success.


Darien High School and Middlesex Middle School Technology Education —  $70,000

Eight octogonal workstations with dedicated computers and 3D printers will allow students to work collaboratively as well as individually at the High School on a variety of engineering and architecture projects.  In addition, Chromebook carts at both DHS and MMS will provide significantly increased access to computers for research and design.


Darien Public School Music Program — $63,000

SmartMusic Workstations provide in school access to the latest music technology for creating, improvising, composing, recording, producing and evaluating music.  This grant provides funding for Apple computers, iPads, Wenger work stations and assorted accessories at each elementary school as well as Middlesex Middle School and Darien High School.

EMS POST 53 Special Operations Vehicle — $25,000

Post 53 is transforming a Ford E-350 bus into a Special Operations Vehicle that will serve the Darien community in several ways.  The vehicle will be onsite at structure fires to provide shelter and assistance to our volunteer firefighters.  It will also be available at various community events to serve as a first aid station.  In addition, periodic blood pressure screenings and Hands Only CPR classes will be offered in the vehicle at several town locations.  A $25,000 grant from The Darien Foundation will fund the transformation of this bus into a genuine, multi-purpose Special Operations Vehicle.

At Home in Darien — $50,000

The mission of At Home in Darien is to help senior citizens live independently, comfortably and with dignity in their own homes. Transportation is a vital necessity for seniors and is the most used service provided by At Home in Darien. The Foundation raised funds to purchase a new Chrysler 300 sedan for the rides program and also provided a grant for vehicle tracking devices allowing At Home in Darien to efficiently monitor vehicle locations and coordinate ride requests.