2010 Grants

Darien Police Department
Serious motor vehicle accidents and crime scenes must be reconstructed by the local police to provide evidence and data in criminal and civil court proceedings.  A $20,000 grant to the Darien Police Department provided a Sokkia 530R3 Reflectorless Total Station laser measuring device along with associated software, equipment and training.  This device allows investigators to record the position of evidence, converting it into data and ultimately into detailed diagrams.


Darien Junior Football League & Darien High School
Late fall sports practices often last past sundown.  The Planning and Zoning Commission approved a three year permit for portable lights on the Stadium Field at Darien High School in order to improve the safety and efficacy of football, soccer and field hockey practices.  The Darien Foundation contributed $10,000 to the fundraising effort of this project.


Darien Historical Society
The recent addition of the Bates Scofield Barn to the Darien Historical Society provides a stunning venue for exhibitions and programs.  A $20,000 grant from The Darien Foundation for a high end computerized audio visual system completes the project.


A Better Chance
ABC awards 4 year academic scholarships to highly motivated and achieving young women of color who live in a teacher supervised home while attending Darien High School.  The Darien Foundation approved a $10,000 grant to outfit a new computer lab with 4 PC desktop computers, 2 MacBook Pro laptops and 1 iMac desktop computer as well as associated software including the Adobe CS5 Design program.


Darien Community Association
The DCA provides educational, cultural, recreational and civic programs for the Darien community.  Its programs and lectures are highly regarded and its need for new, state-of-the-art audio visual equipment great.  The Darien Foundation purchased a new projector, camcorder, tripod and laptop as well as a digital camera.  The grant also provided a desktop computer, printer and workstation for use by the senior citizen members of the DCA who wish to learn computer skills in a user friendly atmosphere.


EMS Post 53
It is crucial for Darien’s emergency response vehicles to be equipped with compatible and up-to-date technology.  Post 53 requested computer data terminals for their 5 emergency vehicles as well as mobile dispatching and mapping software.  This technology will allow the Darien Police Department’s 911 call center to send real time data to Post 53’s vehicles.  Information regarding a patient’s pre-existing medical conditions as well as location hazards will be known prior to arrival at a call.  The mapping software will provide vehicle locations throughout Darien which will assist in identifying the closest unit to an emergency.  In medical emergencies time is of the essence – by providing this state of the art technology to Post 53 and the Darien Police Department, The Darien Foundation is helping them protect and serve the citizens of Darien.


Darien Nature Center
For the past 30 years the Darien Nature Center has educated our community about the natural world and the importance of preserving and protecting it.  Through classes, summer camps and preschool and vacation programs, the Nature Center reaches over 1,000 families each year.  The Darien Foundation funded the development of the Nature Center’s new up-to-date website featuring online registration capabilities and program information that will allow the Darien Nature Center to better serve Darien’s busy families.