2013 Grants

Darien Library, $60,000

The Library is raising money to purchase a 400kW generator that is capable of powering the entire building during power outages. The Library is a tremendous community resource for young and old in Darien and a place of shelter and comfort during storms and blackouts. We committed $60,000 towards this fundraising effort.


iPad Labs, $66,000

Chemistry lab classes at Darien High School use PASCO probes to accurately collect and analyze experimental data while Social Studies classrooms at Middlesex Middle School use their iPads to engage in greater authentic learning experiences. These portable labs support inquiry based learning and greatly expand the walls of the classroom.


SeaLegs Amphibious Rescue Vehicle, $135,000

Flooding is on the increase in our community and dangerous situations abound for both rescuers and residents. This amphibious vehicle will enable the Fire Department to safely evacuate residents in times of crisis.


Darien Athletic Foundation, $500,000

The DAF is undertaking an enormous fundraising effort in order to provide reliable field space and desirable athletic amenities to a growing population of young athletes in Darien. Their commitment to having an athletic infrastructure that is competitive with neighboring towns will have a significant, positive impact on the Darien community. We pledged $500,000 to their fundraising efforts.