2004 Grants

Darien Historical Society
Grant for the Darien Historical Society to begin a digital catalogue of their collection.


Mobile Science Computer Lab Palm™ Pilots and Probes
The addition of a mobile computer lab comprised of 25 laptop computers with wireless access to the Internet and Palm Pilots and Probes to collect temperature, pH, voltage and light data will enhance the science experience for all middle school students.


Darien Technology Foundation Center at Darien Library
This cutting-edge resource provides public access to, and educational support for, new hardware and software products. Users are able to try out newer technologies such as MP3 players, personal digital assistants, and digital and still video cameras. Over 10,000 individual uses were recorded in the first six months of operation alone.


Elementary School Library Media Centers
Each elementary school now has a media center in its library to teach students how to appropriately use the Internet for research.


AlphaSmart Laptops
Elementary school students can improve their writing and math skills at any location in school using these child-friendly units.