2009 Grants

Person-to-Person is a highly regarded, volunteer-driven organization that responds to neighbors in need. Based in Darien, it promotes positive change in the lives of its clients and volunteers. A $25,000 grant to Person-to-Person’s Helping Hands Capital Campaign will be used to enlarge and reconfigure the reception area and private waiting rooms where clients meet with caseworkers. Privacy, respect and minimal bureaucracy are the hallmarks of Person-to-Person’s services. By providing this funding, The Darien Foundation is able to help Person-to-Person in an area that is crucial to its mission.


Airliner Slates
Gone are the days of slate chalkboards and dusty erasers! Smart Boards (interactive, computer-driven whiteboards) have been installed by the district in all of the elementary school classrooms. Airliner Slates are portable, wireless tools that will expand access to the Smart Boards for all students. Teachers and students can use the slate to manipulate the Smart Boards from anywhere in the classroom. These Airliner Slates will enhance the efficacy of the Smart Board technology in which the district has proudly invested.


A $20,000 grant to outfit a Technology Training Center at the YWCA of Darien-Norwalk will allow the YWCA to offer on-site computer classes for women in their New Directions program. New Directions empowers women and helps them achieve self-sufficiency through training in computer and office skills. The Training Center will also be used for Youth Workshops in Photoshop and web design, as well as Senior Citizen classes.